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Where I end, and you begin.

Long time, long long longg time.
I'm in college.
I love every single second of it.
I just found out my religion test isn't tommorrow, it's Wednesday, sooo happpyyy.
As I pulled up, I saw a white cat in my yard.
If that isn't good luck, then I don't know what is.
I think I'll buy one for my kids, mmmhmmm.
I went to temple/ate waffle house with a foreign exchange studen from Thailand.
Her name's Choompoonoot.
Her nickname is Duan.
In English that's Moon, so everyone calls her moon.
It's quite quite hot back here.
All of this music is lovely.
Speaking of, new band, The Lazarus Heart. (
Landmines has some big plans, fun fun!
I don't think I've been this happy and perfectly placed in years.
Life is wonderful.
I interviewed a Muslim girl a couple of days ago.
Shirien Elamawy.
They can't listen to music, never knew that.
She was beyonddd nicee.
I love learning about religions.
Wikipedia is soooo helpful.
I religiously watch Weeds on Showtime.
And occasionaly Johnny Quest at 1:30 AM on Boomerang.
I think I'm gonna buy a lapsteel.
Demagog is my new favorite word, without the ue.
I still don't know what it means, I'll go look it up on Wikipedia in a second.
Deftones! Next Month! I'm There!
I've been buying lots of records for my kids to enjoy.
I got "The Obliterati" by Mission Of Burma the other day.
Not too bad.
I have a new obsession with Cibo Matto.
My hands will forever smell of Black and Green Olives.
Mass amounts of cash flowing in from the Italian Pie.
Come visit me!
I met up with a bunch of old friends tonight.
I lovess peopllesss, especially all of you, and ya'll, and them.
i found my 25 dollar Hot Topic Gift Card someone gave me for Graduation.
I was thinking about joining the Peace Corps for a minute after I got out of college, seems like fun!
I was looking into studying abroad in Fiji for a semester too.
How cool would that be?
Freaking Fiji.
I have no clue about nothing there.
Much less, where it is.
The Autumnal Equinox wasn't too long ago.
And this weather is Glorius!
So what's the story morning glory?
I just got my Radiohead cd back from Michael, YAYY!
The wheel on my skateboard came off the other day at school.
Walking again.
I just found out about that paper that they sell, that you can print stuff on, and iron it on your shirt.
I'm about to go crazy with it.
I'm in love with this one Deftones SNW Girl.
The End.

Don't even much play, you know she all kinds of cute.
Salaam, Shalom, Peace! And everything in between.
Oh yeah! I really like that whole tetragrammaton thing too, it looks cool.

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