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xravenousdebrisx: Boo.
GreenEyes8625: boo who?
xravenousdebrisx: Boo you.
GreenEyes8625: boo to you too
xravenousdebrisx: Two boos to you too.
GreenEyes8625: and a hip hip boo hoo to you too
xravenousdebrisx: I think I might trip on your hip hip boo hoo to you too in lieu of your derring do.
GreenEyes8625: don't trip on the boo hoo, i'll save you in lieu of your daring too
xravenousdebrisx: Oh Stephie boo, I'll try not to trip on the boo hoo, whilst you save me in lieu of my derring do, but you too are in lieu because of the present poo on your new shoe.
GreenEyes8625: ohh jelly boo bean i knew you were thinking of something boorilliant while warning me of the poo on my shoe..but don't fret yet because you might step in the poo too
xravenousdebrisx: Au contrare mon frare, don't you fret your little hair at the scare of poo present from the mare, for I dare to even care at such a small share, but lurking in my lair are the pears I repair from the damage of winter's scare.
GreenEyes8625: oooo nice. i won't fret my hair at the scare of the mare poo, but boo why do you lurk in your lair with the pairs, winter is no scare when i'm out there and the sunshine will melt the air
xravenousdebrisx: Psh, don't you even go there. Me without my pear is like a beat without a snare, I dare to tear into you're ego, we go, way back like Jesus and his people, in leviticus, god made this word, you can't get with this, sweet like licorice, dangerous like syphillis.
xravenousdebrisx: :-)
GreenEyes8625: hahaha i like the part about the snare but i will go there and eat your pear so you won't have the energy to beat my ego because i go on and on forever like god and his word and this won't be like that last thing that you've heard.
xravenousdebrisx: Oh but Muhammad once said, that Jermaine would rather be dead, than to let you go ahead and paint Baton Rouge bloody red, with the blood from the heads of people that shed their tears for fear of the terror you bring near with your Pride gear and shooting of the deer, We show you our rears in defiance of your spear, yet you seer us all like
xravenousdebrisx: Kareem Abdul Jabal, even though he played basketball.
GreenEyes8625: hahah the people do not shed their tears for fear but for affairs of the rarest kind that you will find might put you in a bind and stop you from winning your war of words because i've heard that muhammed didn't say to you but to me that you would rather be dead because i'm so far ahead because the thesaurus is my best friend.. the end!!!!!!
xravenousdebrisx: Aha! But it Never ends, just as Isa is the Ibn of Maryam, I'm akin to your sin and I shall find within the jinn, the secret behind Aladdin, and unmask his saudi grin and primate friend so that Ho Chi Minh may once again reign supreme and use his frying machines to cook lean beans and sugary cream to dip the beam of lights from bright bright Shiite fright so that one day you might learn of the plight of the rhymes tonight.
GreenEyes8625: you may find the secret behind aladdin but i'll squash jasmin like a bug on the rug of my pimped out car and we'll drive to meet jafar and bring her body to Zanzibar
xravenousdebrisx: But from Zanzabar, the Imam will scream "Allahu Akbar", and though it may seem you may not know what he means, in the end. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
GreenEyes8625: okay you win just because nothing rhymes wtih that lol
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