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1427 AH

Sooo, everyone else is remembering this past year, so I thought why not write down some important events that happened to meeee..

Lets see, I went on tour this summmer!
Graduated from Highschool, and of course had my first wonderful semester at LSU.
Converted to Islam. Alhamdu Lillah!
Fell in Love with Reggae and Soul music.
Figured that there's really nothing to worry about.
Saw 1000 and 1 beautiful girls my first day of college.
Celebrated Sukah with the Jew kids at school and met some of the nicest people ever.
Had my first Eid ul-Adha. And it was the greatest thing in the world.
New mosque opened yesterday!
Started working at the Italian Pie, which I'm still at.
Found Sherwood Poboy and their amazing Shrimp Poboys.
Visited THE moon for the first time.
Turned freaking 18! How can I forget that.
Slept in a bed with two other girls, hahaha. Istaghfurillah.
Grew my first beard, hehe.
Finally accepted that I don't need a girlfriend to be happy.
I'll add more as I remember them throughout the day.
Insha'Allah, 2007 will be a good year.
As-salaamu alaikum!
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