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Isaac Asimov, Son!

Well then, in light of the vagueness that's plagued livejournal since it's inception, I'll keep everything clear as day. It's been a while since I've posted in this thing, and I guess the only reason I'm back is because I've got that feeling.  You know, whenever you just want to learn everything,but you don't know where to start? Well yeah, it's like that right now, ha. Life's been nice lately though. I just got a new job at La Madeleine's in the mall, all kinds of cute girls there, music is coming really well as always, and college is college. I think I'm wasting my spring break away.
I did manage to go to the library the other day and pick up this wonderful book, (Against Stupidity) The Gods Themselves (Contend In Vain).
I've got some horrible malady that's come over me and I've been coughing out of control.
Moms just gave me some medicine, the pill kind, I hate the feeling of those things going down my throat.
I hate the tast of syrup though too.
Where does that leave me? Exactly.
My beard is becoming large and unruly. Sunnah.
My recent obsession in hiphop is starting to overtake my life.
60's soul samples and drum breaks are running through my head all day.
(J Dilla - Mash).
I watched Ghost Dog about an hour ago.
I thought it was going to be the stupidest movie in the world, but it was actually pretty good.
I enjoyed it atleast.
Don't even get me started on 300.
Momma bought some grapes, grapefruit, strawberries, and fruit roll ups yesterday.
I think I was destined for world domination, sooner or later, hopefully sooner.
I feel like I'm in Elementary school again.
Except with a car.
I just downloaded a song in soulseek and it took a second. Literally a second. Napster used to take me days, and this just took a second. Real!
I should be getting married in a few years.
How's that gonna go down?
Of course, I'm just as confused as you.
I met a guy from Jerusalem the other day, and he showed me some of his calligraphy, it was really good.
I think his name was Asif.
Why's it seem like everyone is changing for the worst?
And why's it seem that everyone does drugs now? Is it really that cool. Is that weed really that fly? Iz dem pillz relly dat tite?
But on the upside, I've got a lot to look forward too. I'm only 19!
I hope everyone is staying safe and happy.
Hit me up sometime, God knows I miss you all.

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