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Update time!
Summer has been coming oh so lovelyly, that's that new word. Real.
I've been keeping to myself for the most part, especially since I have a billion days off of work while we're moving.
I've been spending my days making lots of music, listening to lots of jazzz, buying a bunch of records, skateboarding, and reading!
That's right, Jermaine reads books.
I'm now cool and learned like the rest of you chaps.
I got some fresh new kicks in today!
I was slightly turned on by the last third of that Isaac Asimov book, The God's Themselves. Mmmmm Selene.
Uhmmm, I can't think of too much else.
I'm gonna need to be getting married pretty soon, if anyone has any sweet wife hookups, Holllllaaaa!
I saw Gretchen Ratterman at the skatepark today! Ain't that some mess.
I also think that me and my comrad(e?) Nic will be starting a nice little skate website with all the sweet spots around town.
gNaRkiLl BrUh!
I love exotic gatorade flavors, And Turner Classic movies!
Oh goodness! How could I forget, there was this lovely movie on last night, The Battle of Algiers. Twas wonderful.
Almost as wonderful as this serious beard length I'm bustin.
Chris Haslam.
I'm about to attempt and read House of Leaves again... Scooby Doo.
I enjoy music.
So, everyone, get happy! It's summertime.
I've also dedicated a small bit of time to downloading all of the old Bone Thugs N Harmony albums.
Fo Da Love of Money! Please, no Crossroads comments... JK! I loved that song too.

In Retrospect, life is...

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