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What's happening to everyone?
Everything seems so bad nowadays, and everyone is so sad.
Gas prices are high, everyone seems to just be getting by, and things are just all around not good.
Garrett Bailey's in jail again, and even more seriously, so is Daniel.
This is the last thing Daniel's little brother needs right now.
Why don't people just think sometimes.
On a different note, I'm not doing so bad.
School is super busy, and I think I'm working too much.
I'm buying a new bass! After that, not so much work.
I miss all my friends.
I'm recording a new cd with little Michael and Andrew.
Hopefully it'll change the world.
I'm tired of coming home, just to go to sleep and wake up and start the same things all over again.
I'm tired of how silly I feel writing this down here.
In spite of all this, things really are great.
Lisa and I are doing wonderfully, music is fun again, and it's Ramadan.
Everyone cheer up, 2 Girls 1 Cup.
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