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Sooo, life is a mess right now.
Not my life in particular, but all the people around me seem to be melting.
It's like no one pays attention to anything anymore, and everyone just keeps talking and ignoring and blah blahh. I'm tired.
Lisa's out of the country for this month, so I've been terribly bored.
I started working at Atcha bakery about a month ago, so that's pretty fun.
The band is finally starting to pick up. God knows where that will go.
I'm just so tired of being surrounded by crazy people all the time. Crazy people doing crazy things allllll the time.
I'm going to Jordan in about a month, which I'm sure will be a well needed vacation.
Summer is supposed to be soooo chill. Soooooo soooo chill.
What happened to everyone?
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