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مرحبا بكم في بيتي

Soooooo, I've been meaning to do this for a long time, But I never got around to it...
Posting my pictures from Jordan!!
I figure most of you need some happy pictures anyways since there's been so many sad livejournal entries amongst my friends.
Christmas was fantastic, I got everything I wanted, and then some...
I love not being in school, I love waking up at 2 oclock in the afternoon everyday, I love being able to stay up all night, I love not being stressed about anything right now.
I love not being in school,
and so should you.
Anyways, I'm just blabbering now, on to the pictures.



This is Saif, my friend that I stayed with while I was in Jordan. His family consisted of the nicest people ever. His mom and dad are first cousins and none of his brothers or sisters came out retarded. Also, I never saw a single cloud the entire time I was in Jordan. Weirddd.

These are a few of the skateboarders that I chilled with the majority of the time that I was there. The guy on the left is Firas, he's from Qatar, and gets made fun of because he says that he had sex with a girl once... no one believes him.

This is Omar, the tiniest kid of ever seen.

There's Khalid again, all of the skateboarding pictures are taken on this street called Shari' Thaqafeh (Cultural Street). Most of the skateboarding goes down here, and all of the skaters meet up here everyday. Soooo muchhhh marbleeeeee. ::drools::

Saif, Kickflilp, Shmeisani.

This picture came out a little blurry, but I think it really catches the whole vibe of 'Amman.

Saif, on his cellphone, in some Coliseum in the middle of the city that they built a couple of millenia ago.

No Dryers, No Problem. In Kuwait, a country not too far from Jordan, average temperature in the summer was 120 degrees Farenheit. My clothes usually dried in about 30 minutes.

More Clothes, and some buildings behind me. Amman is built atop 7 mountains, so all of the buildings sort of go up and down. They call those two big buildings on the right the Twin Towers. Ha.

Old Video Game stores downtown.

Downtown 'Amman. Crowded, Dirty, Congested, Busy, Jordan.

Pet Shop Downtown.

Saif's family's condo was on the very top floor, so I had a good 270 degree view of everything. This is like 1/9th of that view.

All of these past pictures have been from the Northern regions of Jordan, here are a few from the south.
Welcome to Petra!

So, if you don't know what Petra is, it's this big city that the Nabataens carved into these mountains in the southern area of Jordan. If you saw Transformers 2, the primes were buried there and if you saw Indiana Jones, then he probably stole something from there. Its also a few millenia old, and ridiculously huge. These are some small dwellings for the common folk. and a Horsey.

For the first like two miles, your just walking in between these two huge mountains, some spaces are wide like this, but others that carriage can barely fit through.

So, whenever I scanned these pictures, the quality got all dumb, so you can't really see some of the pictures that well. It was hot, so this girl was pouring her bottled water on her head. Jordanian Wet T-Shirt Contest.

After a crap load of walking, the path finally ends at this. Entrance to Petra!

Petra, in all her Glory.


Random shops, couple of dwellings, a few cult temples, same ol same ol.

If I ever told you that I climbed to the top of Petra (which I did) this is how I got there. Met two other Americans along the way up there, not a single soul was at the top, but then two Bedouins came by on their donkeys. One was playing an Oud, and the other asked us if we wanted to go have some tea at his place. A whole new world.

Same picture as before, I was two hours late for my bus whenever since I decided to climb up here. I was the only American on the bus, everyone else was Jordanian. From that point on, the guy who was in charge of everything would call everyone's name to make sure they were there, and when he got to me, he would say "Amreekee Mawjood?" (Is the American present?) Then everyone would say Yeah, Hate my Life.

The bedouins are the ones on the camels. If you ever watched  The mummy and remember that guy with the tatoos on his face and the long black hair, that's Exactly what they all looked like. Except they all had on Bob Marley T Shirts. They love Bob Marley.

This is Abdullah, he was nice. The end.

This is Wadi Rum, also in the South of Jordan. Sand, Mountains, Sky, Sand, Mountains, Sky.

And Back to 'Amman in the North...

This is the Souq. Aladdin is here somewhere, stealing something.

Most of the terrorists in Jordan were really nice.

Me and Saif.

Tamer, Skateboard, Fall, Shmeisani. This guy was really really really into Slayer and Satan.
More Skateboarders, there's the littlest one again.

Yemeni Food!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG So, we went to this restaurant called Baab Al-Yemen ( Gate of Yemen), ridiculously incredible. If your ever in Jordan, this is the only place you should ever eat. On the right, you can see a little bit of my second mother's (Umm Zakaria) knee. I could tell you about her for hours, but it would be better if you  just met her yourself. Incredible lady.

I think Skateboarders are the same all over the world.

Arabian Nights. At this very moment, a genie was coming up from the earth behind us. We got three wishes. This is me and Omar Nash's little brother, Khalid,  last night in Jordan.

So, the moral of this story is, go to Jordan. It'll probably change your life. From Irbid to Aqabeh, much love Urdun, I miss you.

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